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Project Description
Full Brazilian Game Engine developed in C# .Net 3.5 and XNA 3.1 using Deferred Rendering. The principal Features are: Integrated Physic, Artificial Inteligence, Dynamic Lights and Shadow, Lots of Post Effects, Billboards , Extensible Particle System, Vegetation, Materials types, 3D Sound and MUCH MORE!

Check the XNA 4.0 version here (include the WindowsPhone7 version and 2D support among others stuffs):

Xna 4.0 Features Video:

Xna 4.0 Version Tutorials 




Twitter @ploobsengine


There will be no UPDATE in the XNA 3.1 version of the PloobsEngine, we will only work in the xna 4.0 version !!!


Dynamic Water Debug

      Pool Deck

FireWorks      Terrain Debug

Dynamic Light - Lion Logo

Principal Features

  • Forward Rendering and Deferred Rendering
  • Artificial Inteligence (PathFinding, NN, GA, Agents and World Abstractions, Steering Behaviors ...)
  • 3D and 2D Sound
  • Physics Integrated (Bepu API and JigLibX API)
  • Animation Integrated  (XnaAnimation API, heavily altered to fit on the Deferred Render)
  • Dynamic Water and Ocean with waves
  • Dynamic Reflection and Refraction
  • Dynamic Lights (Spot, Point and Directional)
  • BumpMaps, SpecularMaps,Glow Maps and Paralax Mapping
  • Vegetation (Real Modeled Trees and Procedurally Generated Billboards)
  • Terrain with HeightMaps and Multitexture
  • Dynamic Shadow (Shadow Mapping and Cascade Shadow Mapping) with filtering
  • Deferred with Antialiasing (PostEffect)
  • Post Effects: ToonShading, Blur, Noise, Wiggle, Circular Glow, DOF, Bloom, HDR, Radial Blur, Negative, Black and White, SSAO, Color Correction, Gama Correction, Saturation, Contrast, Fog, Ambient Scattering and much more ...
  • Extensible Particle System (soft particles also)
  • Transparency (with Deferred Shading, extra Forward pass)
  • EnvironmentMapping
  • Skybox and Dynamic SkyDome
  • Billboards (Gpu Spherical and Cylindrical)
  • Animated Billboards and Textures
  • Video Player Embedded
  • Hardware Instancing (static and dynamic)
  • Trigger System
  • Message System
  • Picking System
  • Input Control System
  • Resource Management System
  • Screen Manager System
  • Culling System (Dynamic Octree and others)
  • Profilling System (Real Time Graphs, Performance Counters, CSV Result Exporter ...)
  • Works Well with Nvidia PerfHud and Microsoft Pix
  • Graphics, Physics and Render Targets easily Debuggable 
  • Cameras (First Person, Quake like, Third Person, Static, Follow Path, Interpolators ...)
  • Integrated With .NET Windows Forms
  • Integrated With 3DS Max using an Exporter Plugin 
  • Scene Loader supporting Lights, Cameras, Models and Dummies
  • Procedural Textures and Models Facilities
  • Has Lots of Math and Physicw Helpers
  • Extensible Design and Easy to Use
  • MUCH MORE ...

Want to Try ? Want to Learn How to Use ? Take a Look at the Documentation page.

Want the Source Code ? See the Instruction page.

Want more Screenshots ? Go to the ScreenShots page.

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ROADMAP ( In the near future )

  • Better API Documentation (in code and extra documents)
  • Make the API safer (including asserts in debug code and more user friendly error messages)
  • Release Demos Showing all the Features Working Together
  • Integrate With Lidgren NetWork
  • Finish PloobsEditor to Create/Edit Scenes Visually (It Is Not Released Yet)

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