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Projects Done in Spare time, THE CODE OF THEM ARE IN THE PROJECT ETAPA1 of the main solution

Sometimes i get stuck when programming the engine, and nobody can help me >.< , just me (its very sad ... ).
I know that the answers to my problems dont came when i want them, it comes with "time" (his time), and them i "wait"
I use those "spare" times to done something diferent in the engine, this list show these "things":
  • Bezier Experiments, it has a Bezier curve and surface implementation. I used the slow bernstein polynomials to evaluate every point of the curve, and used lots of parallel curves to draw the surface. Its integrated with the engine.
  • Subdivision Surfaces, I implemented in CPU the modified butterfly algorithm (without cracks ... ) and the PN-Triangles. For the butterfly i first pre process all vertices putting them in an order (also creating a structure to hold adjacents informations) and after using the masks todo the subdivision, the normals are linear interpolated. For the PN triangles i just tesselate the generated Spline (created with the original triangle points). The results are cool :)
  • Steering Behavior Lib, I implemented my own custom version of the classic Craig Reynolds Steering Behavior. The behaviors implemented are: Pursuit, evade, arrive, align, avoidance, cohesion, free, follow path, seek, separation, wander .... the results are pretty cool.
  • Mix Steering behavior with Classical Pathfinding, Its on the Pedestrian Folder. It was a simple box that uses the pathfinding algoithm to find the minimum distance between two points and use the Steering behaviors to pass the waypoints. The cool about this aproach is that collision detection between the entities are very simplified and the moviment are very natural ;)
  • Deformable terrain, used two heighmaps to deform a terrain (actually it just interpolates between them). The cool part is the use of the Sobel filter (i think laplace would be better but ...) to find the partial derivatives, cross product them and generate the terrain normals. The terrain was generated in two pass, mix the heightmaps and generates the normals and draw.
  • Extract Model Info, is a helper to read a model and extract the triangle informations (also adjacency info and edge connections ... ). I used this to smooth the normals of an object
  • Prototype of a bone animation system using my other project ModelXML to load a model. Its very nice the choices whe need to make about how to store animation information, how to multiply the bones matrixes ... cool ;)
  • A planet example, very simple sample using lens flare, planet movement and windows forms (it was a school project)
  • Prototype of a Baker system, VERY simple, but shows an idea to make a simple baker (i will implement one)

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