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This page describes how the Introduction Demos works.
All of these samples are in the IntroductionEnginedemos package found in the Downloads section. All demos are commented in Portuguese.
We tried to create almost all the assets needed on the fly (to make the package smaller)


Shows how to set up the engine and load a basic scene.

CameraPathScreen.cs and CameraScreens.cs

Basic Camera management

LightInterpolationScreen.cs , PointLightScreen.cs and SpotLightScreen.cs

Shows how to create basic lights of each type and how they can interact with the environment.

CollisionTypesBepuScreen.cs and CollisionTypesJigLibXScreen.cs

Shows how to create the basic physic object types using BEPU and JigLibX (of course you can only use one or the other at time).


A basic demo showing how to simulate a planet gravity.


Example showing the BEPU character controller in action (it can control animated and not animated objects).


A stress test using BEPU physics.


Shows how to draw simple lines, cubes and text in the screen.


Shows how to work with the Keyboard using our managed system (Mouse works in a similar way).


How to pick a 3D Object in the environment using the mouse.


Shows how to use BEPU's triggers.


Shows how the Object entities can exchange messages.

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