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Max Exporter Plugin

The Max Exporter Plugin is built to assist the user exporting Lights, Camera, Dummies and Textures Maps from 3DS Studio.
I works WITH the XNA Pipeline (NOT REPLACE IT).

The plugin can be found Here

Its a Maxcript file that reads the 3DS Scene and produce a .xml file

We encourage user to follow this sequence when exporting 3D assets:
  • Download the KW Export plugin (, in case of 3ds MAx) and use the .X format instead of FBX
  • Export the scene in .X format
  • Export the same scene in .XML format (using our plugin)
  • Load the .XML scene using the engine. (the XML contains all the info needed to load cameras, lights, dummies and objects with different types of textures - whe current support self illuminance, bump, specular and diffuse) See the Scene example in AdvanceExamples Package.

A more detained about using the plugin (inside the 3DS Max) with screenshots will be constructed soon ;)

There is also another Plugin using the Max SDK under development, for more info visit the project ModelXML. Some of my projects already use it, but now, its not so stable as KW Export for .X.
In Source Code, project ETAPA1, you can find a Scene Sample using this experimental plugin

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